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Nepal Telecom (NT) is launching the 4G WiMAX IEEE 802.16e service first time in Nepal. Nepal Telecom proudly offers WiMAX broadband internet service with greater flexibility at unmatched price offer. WiMAX service is available throughout the country.

NT as a market leader in Wireless Internet, will enhance its service, coverage and quality by delivering next generation technology to the subscribers. We will deliver high quality data and internet services and utilize the technology to encourage social and economic growth.

NT WiMAX enables broadband wireless anytime, anywhere using any WiMAX enabled devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop modem, digital phone or even a game device. Mobile WiMAX creates a seamless broadband enviroment at home, in the office and on the move.


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Base Station

WiMAX CPE - Working Distance:

SN Device Distance from Base Station in Kilometer (Km)
1 USB Dongle 1
2 In Door Unit (ODU) 2
3 Out Door Unit (ODU)
Download Airspan ODU Configuration Steps (with TR069) for NT

WiMAX CPE Standard Parameters:

  1. MIMO : receive antenna should be TDD MIMO

  2. EAP Method : EAP-TTLS (Outer Encryption)

  3. Inner Mode : MS-CHAPv2 ( Inner Encryption)

  4. UserID : user@wimax.ntc.net.np

  5. Password : Password provided by NT

  6. Access Air Interface : OFDMA

  7. Frequency Range : 2302500 - 2327500 MHz

  8. Bandwidth : 5 MHz bandwidth channel

  9. Antenna Gain : min 5dBm

  10. IPv4 + IPv6 dual stack

  11. Dynamic modulation : QAM, QPSK and all convolution code

  12. WiMAX Standard : IEEE 802.16e Standard

  13. Do not use device certificate

  14. Do not use CA certificate

  15. Do not use Server certificate

  16. RSSI < 75 dBi (After Connection)

  17. CINR > 25 dBi (After Connection)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WiMAX Service?
"Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access" - A last mile wireless access technology capable of providing high speed broadband connectivity.

How does NT WiMAX Broadband work?
NT WiMAX Broadband service transmit radio signals from a base tower to a modem. The modem easily connects to your computer. Once you plug in your modem, your connection is always on and always secure.

Is NT WiMAX Broadband secure?
NT WiMAX Broadband runs on fully licensed and protected radio frequencies. This tecnology provides as much or more security than traditional wireless Internet solutions.

Where can I use WiMAX service?
WiMAX service is roaming enabled. This means that you can use it anywhere in the specified WiMAX coverage in a country.

What is the range of WiMAX base station?
WiMAX base stationís range extends from approximately 10 km in built up areas with lots of obstacles, to approximately 20 km in ideal conditions such as flat land.

Can I use WiMAX service at home & at work?
Easily! Subscribe a plan as per your need and you can primarily use the service. You should know whether the service is available in that perticular location where you are planning to use it.

How fast is NT WiMAX Broadband service?
Customers can get upto 20 Mbps depending upon the types of CPE used and the location of Base Station.

Is NT WiMAX Broadband reliable?
Yes, With NT WiMAX Broadband you'll enjoy your connection that is "always on".

Will I be able to setup NT WiMAX Broadband services on my comoputer myself?
Our technicians will come to your home or place of buiness to install the anteena and run the wiring. They will connnect one computer upon installation. If you choose to opt for a wireless connection inside your home, such as laptops, smart phones, you will need to purchase a wireless router. Our Techincians can provide the wireless router at installation.

Can I have multiple computers on the internet simultaneously?
Our Residential customers can use a router or wireless access point so that multiple users can be online at the same time with only one subscription and no slow-down. Our Business customers should work with our dedicated sales team to find a plan that will support all of your business needs, no matter how big or how small

Contact Us

Email: wimax@ntc.net.np

Customer Care Service
Putalisadak : 01-4418648
New Baneshwor : 01-4782388
Kupandole : 01-5011779
Durbarmarg : 01-4247509

Support Center
01-4001640/ 4001641/ 4001651/ 4001652

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