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Nepal Telecom (NT) is launching the 4G WiMAX IEEE 802.16e service first time in Nepal. Nepal Telecom proudly offers WiMAX broadband internet service with greater flexibility at unmatched price offer. WiMAX service is available throughout the country.

NT as a market leader in Wireless Internet, will enhance its service, coverage and quality by delivering next generation technology to the subscribers. We will deliver high quality data and internet services and utilize the technology to encourage social and economic growth.

NT WiMAX enables broadband wireless anytime, anywhere using any WiMAX enabled devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop modem, digital phone or even a game device. Mobile WiMAX creates a seamless broadband enviroment at home, in the office and on the move.


WiMAX CPE - Working Distance:

SN Device Distance from Base Station in Kilometer (Km)
1 USB Dongle 1
2 In Door Unit (ODU) 2
3 Out Door Unit (ODU)
Download Airspan ODU Configuration Steps (with TR069) for NT

WiMAX CPE Standard Parameters:

  1. MIMO : receive antenna should be TDD MIMO
  2. EAP Method : EAP-TTLS (Outer Encryption)
  3. Inner Mode : MS-CHAPv2 ( Inner Encryption)
  4. UserID : user@wimax.ntc.net.np
  5. Password : Password provided by NT
  6. Access Air Interface : OFDMA
  7. Frequency Range : 2302500 - 2327500 MHz
  8. Bandwidth : 5 MHz bandwidth channel
  9. Antenna Gain : min 5dBm
  10. IPv4 + IPv6 dual stack
  11. Dynamic modulation : QAM, QPSK and all convolution code
  12. WiMAX Standard : IEEE 802.16e Standard
  13. Do not use device certificate
  14. Do not use CA certificate
  15. Do not use Server certificate
  16. RSSI < 75 dBi (After Connection)
  17. CINR > 25 dBi (After Connection)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WiMAX?
    WiMAX acronym meaning "Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access". It is an IP based Wireless Broadband Access Technology where user can browse fast internet

  2. Does WiMAX belong to Nepal Telecom?
    Yes. WiMAX is Wireless internet service provided by Nepal telecom
  3. What is the range of WiMAX?
    Range of WiMAX: 15 Kms for Rural area for line of sight. 4 Kms for Urban area. But most of the cases it depends upon the type of devices

  4. What is the data transfer speed of WiMAX technology for end users?
    Internet speed ranges from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

  5. What will WiMAX services offer to the average consumer?
    WiMAX will provide broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime, for any device and on NT network.Examples include: High speed internet access

  6. Where it is currently unavailable.
    Substantially increase data speeds for applications like Online Gaming, Streaming Video.

  7. What is the difference between WiMAX and Wi-Fi?
    WiMAX is the Next Generation of Wireless Broadband instead of "Wi-Fi". It can connect you to the internet in faster speed and wider coverage compared to Wi-Fi that can only be connected on Hotspots like Hotels, Restaurants, Airports and Recreation Center etc.

  8. What are the benefits of WiMAX?
    Easy: U can get internet connection everywhere in the office and in home by just moving around the CPE device.
    Subscription: you can subscribe one connection for one CPE device and roam around country for high speed internet acess.
    No Wire Required: No Wire, No Telephone connection required.
    Quick setup & activation: WiMAX setup and activation are quick and fast. You don't have to wait for telephone running.
    Quality connection: Using WiMAX you can browsing at a very good speed.

  9. Is WiMAX good for me?
    WiMAX is most suitable for home users, individual, small office and home office. Customer who want to use portable internet and fast wireless internet at home and at office can use this facility. Customer for those who have no phone line at the location and / or live in the rented apartments can also use WiMAX Connection.

  10. What do I need to get WiMAX connection?
    You will need to subscribe one of our available packages for WiMAX connection. You need your desktop or laptop computer with Ethernet card and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)CPE can be purchased from Nepal Telecom counter for WiMAX connection.

  11. Do I need to apply for phone-line to have the WiMAX service?
    No. WiMAX is wireless technology so there is no need to apply for a phone line.

  12. What is the cost of WiMAX Device (CPE)?
    The cost of CPE is varies from Rs.2390 to 19110? (as per your plan).It is Exclusive of TAX

  13. How can I apply for WiMAX sevices?
    To apply for WiMAX,You need to fill up a WiMAX form which can be downloaded fromhttp://ntc.net.np/WiMAX/WiMAX-formnew.pdf .You need PP size photo and your identification document as citizenship.Following are places you can apply at
    New Baneshwor :01-4782388
    Putalisadak: 01-4418648
    Durbarmarg: 4247509
    Kupondole: 01-5011779
    These are our four customer support center in Kathmandu valley. Expect these centers, WiMAX can also be bought from NTC office at Jawalakhel, Gongabu, Bhaktapur, Sundhara and other regional offices outside kathmandu valley.

  14. Is WiMAX secure?
    Yes. WiMAX technology incorporates much better and more flexible security support than the Wi-Fi standard. All user traffic is encrypted before being routed through the NetworkWith the help of MAC binding only the user associated with the particular CPE can access internet.

  15. Is WiMAX service available at my location?
    You can contact to our support center with your location details.

  16. Which remote places are covered by WiMAX?
    Please browse to the site http://ntc.net.np/WiMAX/WiMAX.php and you can click on WiMAX coverage.

  17. Which device is suitable for me or my location?
    The device choice depends upon your requirement as well as your location.

    USB shuttle and Dongle: It doesn't require external electric power supply. So it is feasible for the roaming customer using laptops and home user with good signal reception from WiMAX tower.
    Indoor Unit: It is feasible for office use as well as personal use. It has built in Wi-Fi. It requires external electric power source.Covergae better than USB shuttle/dongle.
    Outdoor Unit: It is fixed mounted device generally applicable for particular place /office only. It is better in performance and coverage wise .It also need External power supply. It doesn't have built in Wi-Fi.

  18. Do I get notification by mail or sms if my account is about to expire?
    This service is going to be implemented soon.

  19. Can I change my WiMAX account password?
    Yes. Only Volume based customer can change their account password from WiMAX self-care currenlty.

  20. Why am I not getting full speed which I subscribed to?
    WiMAX is wireless connection. It is different from dedicated wired line connection. The speed mentioned while subscribing the account related to upto the maximum speed user can get. Due to poor signal reception internet speed decrease from maximum available speed. Other reasons include the receive signal quality

  21. What is meant by RSSI? What is the optimal signal for my location?
    RSSI or received signal strength indication is a measurement of the power present in a received signal. Generally the higher (closer to -50dB ) the better, and the closer to -80dB the worse.Genrally The accepatable range is ( -40dB to -75dB) .

  22. Is WiMAX BS is same as other BS since one BS of NT is much close to my location?
    No. WiMAX BS of NT is different than other GSM/CDMA BS of NT.Currently WiMAX BS is not available to all NT towers.

  23. Why is My Internet slow?
    Since this is wireless connection your speed may be degraded by following factors
    1. Signal strength: Please check in your device whether you are getting enough receive level for your WiMAX connection. For ideal working condition your receive level must be lower than 75dB.
    2. Location: U can change the location of your device to insure that you are getting the required signal level as mentioned above.You are requested to use your device at the side of window or towards open space.
    3. Package: Mostly you will get higher speed in volume based package rather than unlimited one.
    4. Validity and remaining volume: Please ensure you have volume remaining and your account is in valid period.

  24. How can I check my balance and remaining volume?
    We have web self-care for WiMAX customer .Please follow the steps to check
    1. Go to the site http://ntc.net.np/WiMAX/WiMAX.php
    2. Click on the picture mentioning WiMAX self-care.
    3. You are asked for user name and password .For this please follow the username as wsc_XXXXXX where XXXXXX is your account number.
    I.e. if 123456 is account number your user id will be wsc_123456 and your password is same as wsc_123456 .You can change your password though.

  25. Where Can i complain in case of Issues?
    You can complain your issues at following location Nepal Telecom Support Center, Address: Lazimpat (Opposite to Shangrila Hotel), Kathmandu Contact No.: 01-4001640, 4001641 ,4001651, 4001652

  26. How can I check WiMAX signal stregth in my device

    1. USB Shuttle (green packet)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username and password as guest
    iii. Check you signal level as below:

    2. Indoor Device (Green packet)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username and password as guest
    iii. Check you signal level as below:

    3. Indoor Device (AWB)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username admin and password as Air5pan
    iii. Check you signal level as below

    4. Indoor Device (KZtech)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username admin and password as Air5pan
    iii. Check you signal level as below:

    5. Outdoor Device (Airspan)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username admin and password as admin
    iii. Check you signal level as below

    6. Outdoor Device (KZtech)
    i. Go to your browser and type
    ii. Enter username admin and password as admin
    iii. Check you signal level as below:

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